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Emergencies necessitating a response by law enforcement, paramedics, fire or search and rescue teams are dispatched through Scott County’s E-911 communications system. Employees of the E-911 communications department are managed by the Scott County Sheriff’s Department. E-911 is governed by an independent, eight-person board of directors. Directors are appointed by the Scott County Mayor and confirmed by the Board of County Commissioners.

Emergency Management

The Scott County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for preparing Scott County’s emergency preparedness plans and implementing those plans in the event of a natural disaster, act of terrorism or other man-made disaster.

The Executive Director of E-911 Wayne Shoemaker. The Executive Director of the Emergency Management Agency is Wendy Walker.

Board of Directors

Bob Melhorn, chair
Willie Boyatt
Roger Bridges
Ted Carson
Mike Cross, Sheriff
Larry Crowley
Larry Lay
Charlie May
Hertis Phillips


• Apply for disaster assistance
• Threats to Tennessee
• Make a family disaster preparedness plan

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