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Tiffany Jeffers appointed property assessor

March 24, 2021

HUNTSVILLE — By a 12-2 vote on Tuesday, Feb. 16, the Scott County Board of County Commissioners appointed Tiffany Jeffers to the role of Scott County Assessor of Property. Mrs. Jeffers will serve in that role until the next general election, in August 2022.

Mrs. Jeffers replaces Anthony “Tony” Sexton, who passed away unexpectedly in December 2020. Mr. Sexton, a long-time employee of the Assessor’s Office, was elected to the role of Property Assessor in August 2016, and had just been re-elected in August 2020.

Scott County received two applications for the vacancy: In addition to Mrs. Jeffers, Heath Sexton — the daughter of Mr. Sexton — was a candidate.

Mrs. Jeffers is a 16-year veteran of the Assessor’s Office, and served as Deputy Assessor of Property under Mr. Sexton.

Voting in support of Mrs. Jeffers were Commissioners Donnie Bowlin, Benny Carson, Kenny Chadwell, Harold Chambers, Blue Day, Shonda Gray, David Jeffers, Jerried Jeffers, Sam Lyles, Kenny Morrow, Mike Slaven and Paul Strunk.

Voting in support of Ms. Sexton were Commissioners Patti Brown and Sheila Buttram.

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