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Scott High students build their community

March 3, 2016

Scott High School students work at the Museum of Scott County. (Photo:

Scott High School students work at the Museum of Scott County. (Photo:

Tennessee Classroom Chronicles is highlighting Scott High School students and their work at the Museum of Scott County:

Construction students at Scott High School in Huntsville, Tennessee are literally building their community. Students are transferring the construction techniques learned in class to build structures for a museum complex behind the school. Through the process, students engage in all the elements of effective project-based learning. Students are challenged to construct an old look using new techniques as they create frontier era cabins of various shapes and sizes. Working together in groups, students plan the steps to accomplish project goals and troubleshoot problems as they arise. Construction teacher Anthony Phillips encourages students to embrace challenges as learning opportunities and always put safety first.

One such example is when students constructing a porch observed that a few slats of the rough-hewn, wood decking were misaligned. While many solutions were possible, students walked through the problem-solving process to determine the most efficient approach to correct the issue. Phillips supported students by modeling thinking processes, as needed.

History, math, and science come alive as the construction students collaborate with peers in other classes to design and build exhibits to fill the interior spaces of the museum.

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