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New hospital logo unveiled

HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. — In an advertisement in local news media this week, Pioneer Health Services unveiled the new name and logo for Scott County Hospital, which could open in a limited capacity as soon as next month.

The green-and-gray logo features a river running through a traditional medical cross, and was inspired by the view from Angel Falls Overlook, a popular hiking destination along the Grand Gap Loop Trail in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area.

"The logo is meant to capture the scene found at Angel Falls Overlook, where the grey rock of a firm plateau yields breathtaking views of the green, tree-topped mountain sides and a faithful, winding river in constant motion," Pioneer stated. "Those three elements, a solid foundation, skyward-reaching growth and a steadfast push to better things around the next bend, embody the healthcare service we are building together here in Scott County."

Scott County's Board of County Commissioners earlier this year approved a transfer of the hospital facility in Oneida to Pioneer, in exchange for an assurance that Pioneer will operate the facility as a hospital for at least 10 years.

The Pioneer Community Hospital of Scott will open once clearance of the property acquisition has been provided by the state attorney general's office, which is slated to conclude its review of the deal between Scott County and Pioneer later this month.

The hospital will first open with an extended hours clinic, open 18 hours each day, then ultimately expand to a full-service hospital.

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