Gateway to the Big South Fork



Scott County has two public school systems: the Scott County School System and the Oneida Special School District.

Each school system has received state and national recognition for their outside-the-box approach to education. Scott High School has received recognition for its “green school” initiatives — which include using solar and wind energy to power portions of the school, biodiesel fuel to power the school’s maintenance equipment and recycling efforts — and for its distance-learning programs, which use videoconference capabilities to connect elementary schools with high school instructors and high school students with college instructors. The school is also recognized for having a one-of-a-kind student-built, student-operated museum on its campus. Oneida High School has been recognized in national publications for its ability to overcome funding problems and build new facilities in the 1990s, and for its academic achievement.

Higher Education

Upon completion of high school, students have the opportunity to continue their education at Roane State Community College in Huntsville, which offers a full range of associate’s degree programs and articulation agreements with the University of Tennessee and Tennessee Technological University for students who plan to transfer to either of the state schools to continue work towards a four-year degree. For many students, the opportunity exists to complete a four-year degree without leaving Scott County through Tennessee Tech’s programs at Roane State.

Students wishing to take the vocational route can obtain several degrees and certifications at the Tennessee Technology Center, which maintains campuses in Oneida and Huntsville.

Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Scott County provides after school learning opportunities to local students through tutoring sessions and other club programs. The Boys & Girls Club is housed in a state-of-the-art facility in Oneida and is open after school and all days when schools are closed for vacation or due to inclement weather.

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